Stephanie and the ZR1 – Behind the Scenes at a Photoshoot

Let’s be honest for a moment – photoshoots with models and cars often involve walking a fine line. On the one hand, juxtaposing a beautiful woman with the right car will always draw more attention (and web traffic) than a photo shoot or video featuring the car alone. On the other hand, it’s easy to blow right past the boundaries of good taste and offend a sizeable portion of your potential audience. And let’s face it – if you want to see skin on the internet, a YouTube video isn’t exactly a prime source, as any 14-year-old boy with a laptop can tell you. Get it right, and you get good pageviews. Get it wrong, and you get angry emails and an icky feeling you can’t shower off…


Today’s video pairs model Stephanie Alicia and a ZR1 Corvette in a photoshoot for RDP Motorsport with photographer Casey J. Porter. On the “done right” side of the ledger for this video, we have the fact that Alicia looks classy, the wardrobe choices are appropriate, and it’s hard to go wrong with a ZR1. On the debit side, there’s that music… Yes, the realities of copyright licensing mean that if you want to have a song in your video, it’s going to have to be some generic “library” music, but there are plenty of choices out there that don’t immediately bring to mind Cinemax After Dark. Also, there’s something slightly askew about a grown man wearing a full bleed Optimus Prime shirt without a trace of hipster/retro irony.

So, Dear Reader, the judgement is up to you – does this video succeed or fail? Let’s hear your comments below…








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