Seriously, though – is it just us or are more and more wrecked C7 Corvettes turning up on the internet every week?

It’s definitely not good news, being that the car is pretty new, but we’re thinking that some owners are thinking too highly of the technology integrated into the new Corvettes. It does have different suspension settings, so it only makes sense that when the driver puts it into track mode, they’ll think they’re a damn racecar driver and nothing can stop them because the car is “smart.”

Along with the other C7 crashes we’ve seen, we’re thinking this one had something to do with a higher speed than the posted limit because this one was rolled.  – hell, it could’ve even happened on a track day, but we have no information on the car other than where it’s located at the moment. We did notice that this particular C7 sits on some Forgeline GA3R wheels, which do look great on the car – well, they did.

Hopefully the driver of this C7 is alright because even if they were driving pretty stupidly, we would never wish anything like this to happen, but we do hope that the driver has some really good insurance. Anyway, please stop totaling Corvettes, people – it’s an expensive situation to be in, it’s not easy on the eyes, and could potentially be deadly.

We’d like to have at least one or two weeks where we don’t see wrecked Corvettes of any kind – is that too much to ask? Drive safe out there, everyone.