This last weekend played host to one of the most famed RM auctions, The Daytime Auction. This auction was extremely special this year with the selling of the #49 Greenwood Stars and Stripes Corvette. While the car didn’t sell for quite as much as was expected, the auction was a historic sight to see. Thanks to Keith Cornett and Corvette Blogger for bringing us the news of the auction.

As we reported in early July, the #49 Corvette was one of three Stars and Stripes Corvettes ever made. Originally created as a publicity car, the #49 Corvette became a racer when one of its fellow Stars and Stripes Corvettes, #50, was wrecked in1972. Equipped with the last ZL-1 engine ever made by the historic race engine builder Traco, the Corvette was well documented and broke many race records in its life.

As many of you know, at RM auctions, cars are pushed onto the turntables before bidding begins. According to K. Scott Teeters, a writer for Corvette Blogger that watched the auction online, the Corvette was driven onto the turntable with open headers as the 44th car.

Bidding for the car started at $250,000 and saw the hammer fall when bidding reached $580,000. Although not the $750,000 to $1 million that some people predicted the car would bring, the Corvette still sold for a substantial amount. For a more in depth look at the Stars and Stripes Corvette auction, check out Corvette Blogger.