Spy Shots: C7 Corvette Test Mule Caught Out In The Open

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the long-overdue next-generation Corvette, formally known as the C7. GM has a habit of drawing out the Corvette’s lifespan well past its intended replacement, and the C6, which first debuted in 2004, is no exception. Fast approaching over a decade of service, the General certainly has made the C6 a generation of Corvettes worth remembering with models like the ZR1 and Carbon Edition. But we’re ready for something new, and we’re not alone.

Luckily, Motor Authority came across the C7 Corvette testing in winter weather, likely around the Detroit area. While the camouflage covers most of the tasty bits, we can get an idea of what the next ‘Vette will look like.

There are few things we can discern from these well-camouflaged photographs, though in terms of proportion, the C7 appears to have a shorter front overhang, but longer fenders. The cargo hatch area also appears to be a bit bigger, perhaps in response to the limited trunk room of the C6 Corvette.

Speaking of the C6, the C7 retains its predecessors quad-tip center exhaust stack, though the four pipes are closer together now. The roofline looks the same, though with all that black cloth it is hard to tell exactly what’s going on beneath. We can tell you that the next Corvette will respond to critics who shorted the previous generations for a cheap interior by upping the luxury and technology available inside. As far as engines go, a new 5.5 liter V8 producing 400 horsepower minimum is expected, though rumors of a twin-turbo V6 have also been swirling.

The next-gen Corvette isn’t expected to make its official debut until 2013, so we’ve got at least a year to wait. It’ll be a long year…

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