Lots of people have a framed photo of their kids or the dog on their desk. For others, it may be a cool diecast that turns their cubicle from a cell into someplace that’s tolerable for a third of a day. You can tell the truly hardcore automotive folks, though, because while there is cool stuff around where they work, you usually have no idea quite what it is,  and that’s how the conversation starts…

“Oh, that… that’s a carbon fiber fuel door interlock from Johnny O’Connell’s 2001 LeMans-winning Corvettte,” or, “This was a prototype ‘chute release bracket for Tony Pedregon’s funny car,” are the kinds of conversation openers you don’t soon forget. OK, so how do these people get a hold of this stuff? Well,  there’s a great chance right now for you to score some desk dress-up pieces just like that.

First, you need to swing on over to the Pfadt Race Engineering Facebook page and check out their giveaway contest. They’re cleaning out their office, so take a look at the pieces that are available this month and then answer three questions: What part you want, what you’re going to do with it and, why you should get it.

Couple of things to bear in mind – these are display-grade pieces only. They cannot be installed on a working vehicle. While the part is no-charge, you will have to pay for shipping, although the ding on that shouldn’t be too bad unless you live outside the 48 state zone. This month’s goodies include some pretty cool stuff. There are some prototype CF rear trailing arms for the new Camaro, a CF driveshaft drive end, a CF driveshaft flex disk, a prototype Camaro shifter and an intricately laser-logo’d center plate for a Camaro strut tower brace.

So, go have a look. Post your message and be creative, because the number of “likes” on your post are counted as part of the month-end judging. You can enter multiple times, but only your most recent post will be considered by the judges. Here’s a look at what might be coming up over the next few months. What a cool deal!