We’ve previously brought you some tidbits about BTM LLC and their Cheetah “continuation cars” – Robert Auxier’s effort (with help from Bill Thomas himself) to finish the 100-car homologation run of this would-be Cobra killer. Now, Speedhunters’ Keith Charvonia and photographer Sean Klingelhoefer have taken an in-depth look at the carmaker’s operation, and come away with some beautiful photos and fascinating details of what is involved in recreating these incredible cars.

The super-rare originals were designed to use Corvette components and powerplants to beat Shelby’s Cobras at their own game on road courses here in the US and abroad, but never reached the same level of development as the Cobra thanks to cold feet from Chevy; their unilateral retreat from racing also doomed the Corvette Grand Sport as well. Today, the Cobra is synonymous with over-the-top sixties race car madness, while the Cheetah is a footnote. Granted, it’s a fast and gorgeous footnote, but a footnote nonetheless.


Once Auxier is done with the continuation cars, the next step might be a follow-on based on the never-completed Super Cheetah shown above; a car that embodied all the lessons learned with the original cars, with a stiffer chassis, larger dimensions all around, and more power.

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