Anyone who has ever built a high horsepower vehicle understands how crucial it is to have a clutch that can take the massive amounts of horsepower and torque. Having 800 horsepower doesn’t mean anything if you can put that power to the ground. This is where Spec Clutches and Flywheels comes in. They specialize in high quality clutches and flywheels that can be found on everything from a daily driver to a 1200 horsepower drag car.

This is why we are so happy to welcome them to the powerTV family of advertisers, as they have signed on with Chevy Hardcore, StangTV, LSXMAG, and Corvette Online.

The Bessemer, Alabama based company offers customers a variety of options for their clutch, flywheel, input shaft, and pressure plate needs. But with all the options available on the market it can become kind of confusing to know exactly what you need for your application… Right?

SPEC has done a great job on their website to make things relatively simple to see all the options available. By simply going to the homepage you have a option on the left to “SPEC your car”. By simply plugging in your application needs, make, model, and year you are able to see exactly what options are available by SPEC for your ride, and the cost. Here’s what the options looked like for the ’69 Camaro that we plugged into the search.

The list of manufactures that SPEC offers clutch and flywheel assemblies for is pretty impressive. You can search for everything from a ’69 Camaro like above, to a ’04 Noble M400. So make sure you check out SPEC’s website and the options available for your ride. We think you will be just as impressed as we were.