Sifting through the many automotive-related blogs on Tumblr this weekend, we came across this gem of a photoset – it appears to be a couple buying a huge, plush teddy bear that looks like Ted and hauling it away in their ever-so-capable C5 Corvette Convertible.

There were so many re-blogs on the photoset that we couldn’t source the original poster, so whoever took these, props to you! In some of the photos we see a Costco gas station, which would make sense, because Costco sometimes has random, large plush toys that can’t fit in any claw machine in any given arcade. The first photo, however, is really funny – the Costco employee just stands there in confusion as the husband retracts the convertible top on his C5. The employee’s body language in the picture totally says “this guys is nuts, this will never fit.”

In the other pictures we see a lady in a red shirt who is presumably the man’s wife, but all we could think about is where she’s going to sit for the ride back home. We doubt that he left her there and picked her up later, but who knows. By the way she was standing there, watching the employee and her husband muscle the big plush toy into the car, she seemed pretty determined to not be replaced by a stuffed bear.

These are all speculations on our part – we have no clue about the story behind this photoset, but we do know that sometimes, all you need is a big, fluffy teddy bear in your life and you’ll do anything in your power to get it. And it looks like they got it. Happy Tuesday!