A Texas Diver Rescue Team is happy that they pulled a mystery out of Choke Canyon Reservoir this week, instead of an older woman that had been reported missing earlier.

Divers worked in murky waters, often more than twenty feet deep, searching for a car that had been located using a fish finder. Remarkably the finder’s imaging was so good that the deputies thought it was an El Camino. An estimated 40 yards from shore, the car was found among tree limbs, trunks, fishing lines and other debris. It seemed to have sunk into the reservoir bottom a good foot or so. Missing its rear window, the Corvette would have a profile similar to an El Camino.

What they found and later dragged out of the reservoir was a C5 Corvette that had been reported stolen in 2005. The back glass had been broken and the side windows rolled down before it went into the water. “I think the payments got too high,” commented Texas Ranger James Bennett.

Later, however, it was note that there was damage to the driver’s side door lock and to the steering column. The recovered ‘Vette now belongs to an insurance company in Austin, Texas, who settled the loss with the original owner. The would-be U-Boat commander responsible for putting the car into the reservoir in the first place is still at large.

On a positive note, the missing woman was located in Laredo, Texas, in much better shape than the Corvette.

Source: MySouTex via CorvetteBlogger