Pictures: David Hunt for Mecum Auctions

The first three years of the Chevy Corvette were not exactly impressive performance cars. But through the mid-to-late-60’s, GM invested a lot of money and energy into building what would eventually become an iconic sports car. GM didn’t do it alone though, instead turning to some of the biggest names in racing for help. Among them is legendary race car builder Smokey Yunick.

Hemmings Auto Blog reports that one of the first fuel-injected Corvettes, serial number 1005, is heading up to auction. What’s more, this car was the first one loaded with a number of other performance options, and passed through the hands of Smokey Yunick himself.

Among the many firsts on this particular Corvette is the very-desirable Borg-Warner 4-speed manual transmission. It was also the first Corvette fitted with both the big-brake package and the heavy-duty suspension, rounding it out as an all-out racer. It was also the first GM vehicle to ever get an anti-lock brake system, securing its place as an important car in GM’s history.

As if that’s not enough history for one car, this car was also sent by GM to Smokey Yunick as a test car and backup to his fleet of racers. Its a pretty important and collectible car in the eyes of investors, the kind of car that only comes around once in a great while. We expect this Corvette to draw some pretty big bids when it crosses the auction block at Mecum’s Indianapolis auction in May.