Gratuitous smoke just makes you smile, and it is a guilty pleasure to watch a badass car destroy a set of tires. It is pure teenage rebellion and makes most gearheads a little giddy to see a 1964 Corvette melt some rubber. Countless videos grace the web showcasing smoke porn, but few combine quality video, excessive smoke and an awesome Corvette like this specific example. Like many of these videos the act of civil disobedience takes place in an industrial park, but this Corvette just stands out from crowd, perhaps in part to large shiny blower emerging from the hood. As the video starts the driver allows the car to idle teasing the audience with pure joy of listening to the roots style blower.

Suddenly the revs climb, the engine roars and the lurches forward slightly as the excessive burnout starts. This ’64 fries the tires until half of the Corvette is obscured from view thanks to wanton display of tire smoke.  As the car disappears from view it takes awhile for the smoke to clear; once it starts to drift away two very large black streaks are left behind along with a couple of smoking melted rubber balls. Without getting a close-up view of the smoking ground it is hard to tell if the Corvette actually made a permanent indentation on the asphalt, but it would be safe to guess that it is distinct possibility. As if the massive burnout was not destructive or showy enough, the driver reverses the ‘Vette into the same location and does yet another burnout; although this one is not as substantial as the first it is still impressive. For the final act of rebellion the Corvette performs yet another brody, only this time it is a rolling tire smoke session.