Street Legal Performance, or SLP as it’s now known, is quite a small company – despite its history with GM, the automotive aftermarket, and the popularity of their in-house prepped cars since 1991. What started out in mid-’80s with bolt-on performance parts for 3rd-Gen F-bodies, eventually evolved into building full-tilt tuner cars, like the Firebird Firehawk. Over the years, they’ve evolved into a performance parts supplier for a whole host of late-model American performance vehicles. 

The Panther Edition plays on an old prototype name, while injecting the latest Camaro SS with a huge oomph of performance.

With the recent acquisition of SLP from Ford tuner ROUSH Performance, comes more connections in the industry. The combination of these two domestic tuning powerhouses can only mean better resources and more innovation for both Ford and GM platforms.

Not only will we get to break the news about all of their latest parts and tuner cars coming down the pike, but you’ll get to read more about the technology that goes into their components, along with installation articles of their parts on future Power Automedia project vehicles! To top it off, SLP has managed to update their current website, making online shopping and research much easier for hardcore enthusiast like us!

Their new website layout is quite impressive, and it even includes things like the company’s history, their current crop of tuner vehicle offerings, and every part currently available for their customer base. They do great work too, and still offer their original customers (3rd and 4th-Gen F-body owners) tons of parts, technical insight, and a name they can trust.

‘The Escalade V that GM should have built!’ We agree.