The Corvette C2 was recently the star in the indie made for Vimeo blockbuster: Advantage. Despite it’s low budget, the film features cinematography comparable to that of a 007 film. The film opens with an older James Bond-esque character piloting his sleek black Corvette C2 up a mountain road. Here we are treated to shots of the sexy Vette navigating its way around the breath-taking Gotthard Mountain Pass in Switzerland. Our hero shifts through the gears, eventually reaching the summit before stopping the car, getting out, drawing a pistol, and looking out at a Convoy across the ravine, that’s slowly making its way up the mountain pass. The film ends here leaving either the viewer to guess what happens next or perhaps more will be made after Martin & Sandro Baebler launch a Kickstarter.

Hot Rodders will find it refreshing to see an American Classic as a spy car for a change rather than the cliche European luxury cars. The C2 with its clean sleek curves makes an excellent car for a white collar spy while still retaining the blue collar ruggedness and performance of an American Musclecar. The C2 was loved for its 327 V8 power plant that produced 350 screaming horses with a 10.5:1 compression ratio and put the power to the ground with a three-speed manual transmission.

Hopefully this short film Advantage has made you curious and begging for more. As a Corvette fan, wouldn’t it be nice to see one of the classics star in its own movie?

Is it just us or does this scene remind you of Walter White holding the gun in Breaking Bad?