At the annual LSX Shootout at the NMCA Finals in St. Louis last fall, Drag Radial competitor Mary Carlyle grabbed headlines, despite being a full second off the leaders pace as he reset the world record for independent rear suspension-equipped vehicles with an 8.15 best from his ’07 Corvette.

Following that event, we spoke with IPS Motorsports, which assisted in much of the buildup of this badass ‘Vette, who relayed that Carlyle’s goal was and remains to be a seven-second pass with the IRS setup. Mark and his team had hoped to accomplish the feat before winter set in last year, but were unable to do so. During the offseason, in preparation for blowing the current record out of the water in 2011, Carlyle laid out plans for a complete new engine buildup at Livernois Motorsports that’s expected to produce some 2,000 horsepower while fed from a hefty 106mm billet turbocharger from Tial.

As the new bullet won’t quite be ready in time to begin the season, Carlyle has rebuilt last years’ powerplant and mated it up to the new and larger 106mm turbo to produce what could well be enough ponies to push the wicked Atomic Orange ‘Vette into that elusive seven-second zone at the first of three events in the LSX Challenge Series that kicks off at this weekends’ NMCA season opener in Bradenton, Florida.