75-year-old Carl Sloan, of Morgan Hill, CA, was driving his black ’07 Chevrolet Corvette through a Walmart Superstore parking lot when the car erratically accelerated, crashing into the front near the gardening department, according to Morgan Hill Police Cpl. Rod Krewson.

Police believe that Sloan suffered a medical condition causing the accident where he and his passenger, 58-year-old Tennie Denise were trapped in the ‘Vette as its front end was suspended in the air, wedged against the wall and resting on a row of shopping carts.

The Walmart suffered little damage, though Sloan and Denise were taken to the hospital for pain treatment while the Corvette suffered “moderate to major” damage in the accident, according to Krewson. Police do not know how fast the ‘Vette was going to launch it up the curb and half-way up the wall.