SEMA 2017: Lithium Pros Ultra Lightweight Batteries

We’ve seen our share of light batteries, but after stopping by the SEMA booth of Lithium Pros, our first question after picking up the plastic sample battery was, “how much do the real batteries weigh?” Laughing, Kevin Bennett from Lithium Pros tells us, “what you’ve got right there in your hands IS the real battery.” Whoa, these things are ultra light, we could hardly believe it! When you’re looking to cut weight on your race car, a battery is one of the greatest decreases you can make with a single part swap. We began to drill Bennett on some concerns we had, mainly with actual performance, longevity, and charging.

Lithium Pros happily answered every question we could come up with. As far as performance goes, it is very well proven. They’ve been doing all sorts of testing on track cars, boats, and even larger trucks and motorhomes. These batteries–which pack a huge punch–are capable of providing more power during cranking versus a comparably sized lead acid battery making sure your race car will fire right up when you need it to. Bennett tells us, “We’ve got one of our batteries in an employee-owned Ram 3500, and one single 18-pound battery will fire that truck up even on cold winter days.”

They’ve got two different kinds of batteries; one is a little lighter but requires more care when choosing applications or alternator voltage, as opposed to the slightly heavier but durable “Power Pro” series which functions similarly to a standard lead-acid battery. Not only that, the Power Pro battery can recover even if fully discharged, which is great news for those who occasionally forget to unhook the battery or leave the lights on in the parking lot.

Although storage can be a concern with any battery product, Bennett assured us it’s super easy. The basic consensus was that you should just disconnect the battery after racing. No hook ups required, no battery tending, no problems. This differs from normal battery maintenance you might be used to, as they don’t need to be hooked up to constant power. Simply put, once charged, they retain energy much better than a conventional battery.

“The smartest thing you can do, the one thing to change in your routine? When you finish racing, don’t charge your battery. When you’re done, just disconnect it. When you want to race again, just put it back on the charger for a little bit and you are good to race.”

Daily driving is no problem either, making this perfect regardless of what you want to use this in. Lithium Pros tells us that their batteries can be mounted in any position, and do not require any venting. When you sit down and start thinking about where these can be used, the list is nearly endless. Everything from your racecar, daily, and even your tow rig or motorhome is covered, and anywhere you can cut weight is good in our book.

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