SEMA 2017: Forgeline Brings Out New Wheels And Explains Design

Forgeline Motorsports is always innovating and creating new wheels, and this time we had a chance to check out the new directional DR1 wheel. With directional I-beam spokes extending from the edge of the wheel to the center cap, Forgeline has created the look of a centerlock wheel. Since these wheels are directional, size and spoke direction must be taken into consideration when mounting. David Schardt tells us, “This is a really unique wheel design for us. We wanted to create a wheel that is both modern and exotic in appearance. The DR1 offers the high-quality and strength our customers expect from us with a really singular design.”

They had several new styled wheels to show off including the DR1 directional wheel. Speaking to Steve at Forgeline, he talks about development and how things have changed with wheel construction the past few years. “These days are a little different than before. Before when we used to make a wheel, we would make an 18, 19, and 20 inch and be done. But now when we make a new wheel, we’ve got to make an 18, 19, and 20 inch wheel, but we also need to make shallow, medium, and deep concave plus all the testing that goes along with it.”

Schardt explained that trying to create a directional wheel that was strong and light took extra time, but in the end they’ve got a winning design. Colors are also a huge deal too, and Forgeline has a seemingly unlimited number of colors, and choosing a specific color would be darn tough with so many great options. “Everyone is looking to do something different, a lot of the transparent colors are coming back. Just as important as the styles are the finishes now.”


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