SEMA 2012: SSBC Brakes For Chevy Cars and Trucks

Chevy fans everywhere are the most catered-to market in the automotive realm. The aftermarket produces everything for our cars; high performance engine components, exhaust systems, and a hefty supply of restoration parts. Not to mention crate engines, suspension parts, and luxury of finding everything we need for our vehicles at the local parts store.

We started producing Chevy brakes back in 1975 starting with the Corvette, and we continue to expand our market today. -Mike Jonas

One area where many of us fall short or overlook is the aftermarket braking industry. We become so power obsessed that looking into a quicker way of slowing down sounds like a contradiction to building a fast car. But when you substantially increase the power of your vehicle, you need a substantial way of slowing it down, and that’s where Stainless Steel Brakes (SSBC) comes in.

They make a wide array of brake kits for our favorite Chevrolet vehicles; everything from classic musclecars to late-model trucks. We caught up with SSBC CEO, Mike Jonas, and how he pioneered Stainless Steel Brakes with the classic Chevy market.

They currently carry braking systems of all varieties for every classic and late model Chevy musclecar and truck, including popular vehicles like Chevelles, Camaros, Novas, Corvettes, and full-size trucks.

“We started producing Chevy brakes back in 1975 starting with the Corvette, and we continue to expand our market today. Not only do these kits work for Chevy musclecars, but they’ll carry over to the other GM vehicles of the same platforms, like GTO’s, Firebirds, and Buicks,” Mike Jonas said.

SSBC makes brake kits for just about every Chevy and GM vehicle imaginable, so no matter what your needs are, the good folks over at SSBC can fulfill them.

  •  Bolt-on assembly
  • Increases looks and stopping power
  • Full catalog of just about everything Chevrolet

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