SEMA 2012: Ferrea Has Titanium/SS Valves for High-flow LSX-DR Heads

As the LSX-DR cylinder head continues to grow in popularity, Ferrea Racing Components is responding with a valve set to meet the high-horsepower potential.

“The LSX-DR is a hot item,” says Zeke Urrutia, Ferrea’s marketing director. “Our intake valve is a military-grade titanium and the exhaust is a special alloy stainless steel.”

The valves are designed to withstand high compression, even with turbocharged and supercharged applications. Ferrea worked with GM for more than two years in developing a valve package for this head, which is the highest flowing head in the LS family.

Ferrea's new products include valves for the LSX-DR head and expanded applications for tool-steel retainers.

“We also have a full LS9 package that includes valves, valve springs, retainers, locks and seat locaters,” adds Urrutia. “For the LS7, we’ve got a hollow-stem stainless steel intake valve that is 22-percent lighter over stock.”

In other news from SEMA, Ferrea is expanding its line of tool-steel valve retainers.

Ferrea has a lightweight valve package for theb2.0-liter Boxer engine in the Scion and Subaru RWD compacts.

“They’re only two to three grams away from titanium but with 10-to-15-percent lower cost,” says Urrutia. “They’re incredibly durable for performance applications.

The tool-steel retainers were designed using advanced FEA and CAD software, and Ferrea ran extensive compressive-load tests. Just as with the titanium models, the tool-steel retainers are CNC machined and finished to exact tolerances.

“We can offer deals on private labeling for as few as 100 units,” says Urrutia. “If you build a number of 32-valve engines each year, that’s only a few engines to qualify.”

Ferrea also showed off a new valve package for the wildly popular 2.0-liter Boxer engine found in the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. The base kit comes with a single valve spring and tool-steel retainers while an upgrade kit includes dual springs and titanium retainers.

“We offer standard valve sizes or 1mm over,” says Urrutia. “You can rev up to 9,500 to 10,000 rpm with the dual-spring package.”

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