SEMA 2012: EBC Brakes Offering Stopping Power To Musclecar Owners

If it’s one thing that musclecar owners need, it’s improved brakes. There are many companies to choose from and buying parts like brake pads or rotors can be a difficult choice, since they all look relatively the same.

Our brakes are quickly becoming the choice of musclecar owners everywhere, with our patented technologies. -Andy Freeman

Earning their stripes in the import tuner market, EBC has recently expanded their market into our arena by giving us a brake rotor and pad combination that offers enthusiast the perfect combination of daily driver reliability, and the stopping power that enthusiasts that road race and autocross their cars expect.

We caught up with Andy Freeman over at EBC’s SEMA display and he took a moment to talk to us to speak about their two most popular products for musclecar owners.

One of which is their orange pads, which have a life expectancy of 50,000 miles. Andy claims that even with constant harsh driving, that they will provide at minimum of 20,000 miles worth of stopping power.

The other end of the spectrum is the USR slotted rotors. They help the orange pads bring your 3500-4000lb. musclecar to a halt with little effort, while giving the driver minimal fade while under load from the caliper. 

Andy specified, “Our brakes are quickly becoming the choice of musclecar owners everywhere, with our patented technologies.” If you haven’t heard of EBC, you need to check out their website here, and get familiar with their products.

  • Increased stopping power
  • Affordable
  • Easy upgrade

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