The 2011 American Le Mans Series GT Championship Series was an all-out dog fight for the Corvette Racing Team, and in this year’s final episode of Season 2: Street to Track, we get an inside look at the team’s battle during the season finale at Petit Le Mans. Doug Fehan, Corvette Racing Program Manager, summed up the 2011 season going into the race by saying, “The season was highlighted by our victory at Le Mans, and we have one more victory during the course of the season in North America. Would we have liked more? Absolutely. Were we close? Yes we were.”

Petit Le Mans turned out to be very characteristic of the rest of the season for Corvette Racing, with nothing coming easy. The No. 3 car experienced a gearbox failure early on, and was unable to continue the race. The team rallied behind the No. 4 car, and managed to take home a respectable 4th place finish. Although they didn’t claim a spot on the podium, the No. 4 Corvette Racing C6.R managed to secure the Michelin “Green X Challenge” award for the fourth time this season. The Green X Challenge award is given to the cleanest, most efficient, and fastest entry in the GT class at each ALMS race.

With their 4th place finish at Petit Le Mans, Corvette Racing managed to secure a 2nd place finish in the team championship for 2011 – a very impressive achievement considering the amount of challenges the team faced this season. Doug Fehan leaves us with this final thought to chew on until next season: “Corvette Racing – We take no prisoners, and we never give up.”