SCT Performance Now Offering Vehicle Tuning From Your Android

When it comes to tuning your muscle car, it’s becoming easier and easier. Now instead of taking your car someplace to get a basic tune, you can do it with a number of simple hand-held devices sold by major automotive companies. But the ease of tuning doesn’t stop there, thanks to the new TSX for Android System from SCT Performance. Now tuning your Mustang is as simple as using a mobile app.

SCT already supports iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices

It’s no secret that straight from the factory, manufacturers tune vehicles with the average driver in mind. Unfortunately, this puts performance enthusiasts at a disadvantage, causing another tune to be needed in order to get the most horsepower and torque out of your stock vehicle. But now, unlocking that hidden performance is easier than ever.

The TSX for Android System uses an application downloaded to your mobile device to communicate to your vehicle through a special TSX for Android OBD-II  Interface. All you have to do is plug the interface into your car’s diagnostic connector after you download the app and you have basic tuning capabilities at your fingertips. And best of all, it’s wireless!

The TSX for Android System allows you to tune your car for increased horsepower and torque, shift firmness, throttle response and even fuel efficiency. With on-screen virtual gauges, built-in performance tests, and even the ability to read and clear DTC codes, you’ll be able to tune your Mustang for optimal performance quickly and easily. Plus the system backs up your factory tune so you can revert back to the stock settings at any time.

Available for all Fords from 1996 to 2011, the TSX for Android System brings you the simplest and most convenient way to tune your vehicle. For you GM guys, don’t worry, that one will be out soon. With the app now available through the Google Play Store for free, there’s no better time to get your TSX for Android System. You do everything else on your phone, why not get the added feature of tuning your car?

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