SCT Founder Chris Johnson Explains Benefits Of Using Dynojet Dyno

When you own businesses like SCT Performance and JMS Chip & Performance, you rely heavily on your dynamometer in your shop. Founder Chris Johnson’s productivity and businesses are dependent on being able to provide accurate and reliable dyno results after tuning or replacing a vehicle’s chip. At PRI 2012, We stopped by and caught up with the owner of SCT and JMS to get his pick for a Dyno.

“I love DynoJet, it’s one of the best dyno’s I have ever used.” Explained Johnson. ” It’s all about getting new people in to use the Dyno, and whenever we have had the Dynojet in the building our business has gone up.”

Johnson explained to us that one of the best features he enjoyed about the dynojet product was how the dyno requires little to no maintenance, “What I like personally is the lack of maintenance. You can put anyone that you train or who works for you and you know the dyno is going to work for them every time.”

SCT actually contains two Dynojet dynamometers. According to Johnson, the two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive dynos are used primarily at SCT for research and development, while at JMS their dyno is used primarily more for providing customers with accurate and reliable results. JMS will see 3-5 customer cars come through a day and they can’t spend the time worrying about the results being spit out by the dyno.

DynoJet 224x dynamometer used by SCT Performance features:

  • Available as a pit model or used above ground with a 4-post lift
  • Measures up to 2000 + hp and 200mph
  • Dynamometer Chassis (drums, shaft, bearings, etc.)
  • WinPEP7 Software and Hardware to interface (PC, printer, etc. not included)
  • Auto Tie Down Package (straps, ratchets and hooks)
  • Ignition Wire Inductive Tachometer Pickup Leads
  • Anchor Bolts with Level Adjusters
  • Four Rubber Chocks
  • Air Actuated Brake System
  • Remote Software and Brake Control From Driver’s Seat
  • Automatic Conditions Measurement (absolute pressure, air temp, etc.)

For more information on Dynojet Dynamometers visit their home on the web at

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