With Christmas rapidly approaching all things Santa related are being shoved down viewer’s throats, along with incentives to purchase something. Kerbeck Corvette decided to produce a holiday video starring the man in the red suit and a host of scarlet hued Corvettes. This particular clip starts off innocently enough with Santa, Mrs. Claus and an elf preparing for the big night. It seems as though Santa seems partial to all things GM, especially the Corvette as evidenced by the volume of toy C1’s being loaded into a red velvet sack. Finally, Mrs. Claus tells Santa to go play with his “toys” out in the shop and he gleefully exits the room. This is where things take an interesting turn, as it seems unlikely the Mrs. Claus really meant to give him free rein to “play” with the toys in the shop.

As Santa enters his garage, what to my wondering eyes should appear but room full of red Chevys of all years, shapes and sizes. One of Santa’s elves had just finished detailing what he called junk, only to be sharply corrected by the man in the red suit. With a ’62 C1, ’65 C2 (complete with a 396 big block), ’59 Impala and loads of C6’s all painted a similar shade of red, Santa’s collection is truly worthy of envy by mere mortal beings.

Thanks to all of the horsepower and torque, big blocks and small blocks have replaced the reindeer, but each car has name that is reminiscent of Santa’s former delivery team. As Santa prepares to depart for the evening, Buddy the elf hops on the back of the Kerbeck Grand Sport convertible to save room for a very special passenger. A statuesque blonde in an elf-sized holiday costume slides into the passenger seat and the trio flies off into night to share in the magic of Christmas. Does Mrs. Claus know about this?