It’s a sad fact that in nearly every community there are lots of children that have very little. And although kids can be incredibly resilient and optimistic, during the holiday season the realities of their situations can become much more difficult for them.  However, each year in Henderson Nevada, a big group of hot rodders, street cruisers and automobile enthusiasts of every stripe join local businesses and many more caring individuals to help make the Christmas dreams of underprivileged kids in their community come true!

Bikes, trikes, scooters and toys of every description were again donated by the community and delivered by the trailer load by Santa and the Las Vegas Cruisin' Association. This Christmas tradition has been going on for 30 years!

The Annual Las Vegas Cruisin’ Association Christmas Toy Run has been a holiday tradition in the Las Vegas Valley for 30 years. This year, a parade of well over 60 hot rods, customs, muscle cars, classics, trucks, late-model streeters and plain-jane grocery-getters helped Santa deliver toys by the car, truck and trailer load to deserving  kids. 

The crowds waiting for Santa were huge and everyone there also enjoyed the show of fabulous cars and trucks displayed in the school parking lot. Kids and grown-ups alike broke out in laughter when they saw the requirements for touching the cars!

The crowds that greeted Santa at the Robert Taylor Elementary School in Henderson Nevada were huge and enthusiastic. The line to talk to Santa stretched almost completely around the school’s perimeter and Santa spoke with every child that wanted his attention. As we know, he’s quite a guy!

However, another treat for the folks in attendance was the sight of all those magnificent street machines that accompanied St. Nick. The parking lot in front of the school became an impromptu car show as grown-ups and kids alike marveled at Santa’s colorful and powerful escorts. 

Members from nearly every car club in the Las Vegas Valley were in attendance to support this annual holiday tradition. Because of that, an amazing and eclectic array of fabulous automobiles were shared with the crowds.

Some may think that events like these are just an excuse for “car nuts” to show off their possessions. Unfortunately, those people don’t understand that this is another way of sharing. Obviously the participants in this annual expression of community love and support reach deep into their wallets to help bring a little bit of happiness to children and families far less fortunate than themselves.

But they also share with the community something of themselves as individuals when they invite people to also enjoy and share in something they are passionate about! As the festivities progressed through the day, we observed a great appreciation that came from the children and their families for the donations, effort and automotive displays provided by the Toy Run’s participants and volunteers.

Santa, can we have a new garage lift for Christmas? We promise that we've been extra good!

These types of events are actually quite common in communities around the world but they are particularly abundant in the community of automotive enthusiasts. For that you can be particularly proud of yourselves because giving and sharing is the true spirit of the holiday season!