The dangers of street racing are a well-publicized and well-fought cause that effort is continually put forth on several fronts to help combat and, with the hopes of many, eventually eliminate. We’ve seen many organizations devoted to the cause, along with racers themselves taking on the role of spokespersons to educate on the dangers. The news media world, who we in the drag racing and automotive industry all too often are fighting a constant battle to maintain a positive image for ourselves as they plaster the words “drag racing kills bystander” all across the evening news, can also be a positive influence as well. Such is the case with FOX 26 News in Houston, Texas.

The FOX affiliate channel stopped in at the School of Automotive Machinists (SAM) in Houston to interview one of its employees; Rob Valden.

The interview aired on June 24 as a news piece entitled “Go to the track track – do not street race.” Valden himself is a former street racer and shares with FOX 26 his experiences of losing friends in street racing accidents and his story of how he learned to transition to legal drag racing on the track. Now in his role with the school, working hand-in-hand on a daily basis with bright young students, he has the perfect opportunity to preach his beliefs on the dangers of street racing.

The greater Houston area is a well known hotbed for illegal street racing and the police, media, and great folks like Rob Valden are putting forth every effort they can to help curb this dangerous activity and our hats are off to them for their diligent work.