Rumor Mill: C7 Corvette to Have Turbocharged DOHC V8

2012 Corvette Z06 Centennial pictured above.

Since the ‘80s, people have been turbocharging Corvettes in pursuit of more power. Look no further than the Callaway models and you’ll see what we mean. The aftermarket is currently awash with over the counter turbo kits available to the Corvette owner looking for a bit more from under their hood. But according to the folks over at Autoblog, the rumors have been flying all around Detroit that a turbocharged, DOHC V8 will be powering the C7 Corvette. Not only this, but those same rumors claim that the “European-style” V8 could displace as little as 3.0 liters, and although this may seem a little laughable to some of you, there are certain Corvette fans who will welcome this new technology with open arms. Even if most of them do live in Europe.

Some of the main key points of this engine are a proposed power output “in excess of 400 HP,” a 10,000 RPM rev limit, a dry sump oiling system, and we imagine, aluminum construction and a stout bottom end. Now before all of you prematurely dismiss the C7 before it even comes out, it has also been said that it will be available with a full range of engines, so you traditional LS enthusiasts should have nothing to worry about.

GM’s North American president, Mark Reuss, has been adamant in saying that the next generation of Corvette will not only appeal to its current customers, but to a whole new audience as well. Whatever the case, the current C6 is showing a few gray hairs and we are all anticipating the arrival of its replacement. As long as it doesn’t look like that Sideswipe thing from Transformers 2…

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