RPI Designs Now Selling Painted Lower Rear Bumper Covers for C7

Well, that didn’t take long. It’s no secret that the C7 Corvette is awesome in more ways than one, however, some customers seem to not be happy with the two-tone rear bumper (unless they opted for a black C7, of course). RPI Designs is now selling a painted lower rear bumper cover for the C7 for $799.95, but if you send in your original one in perfect condition, they’ll send you $400 back in return.

Personal preference is ultimately what it comes down to, and it seems that there are quite a few C7 owners that think the lower rear bumper cover should be matched to the body’s color. We find it pretty interesting that there are so many mixed feelings about the C7’s fanny, because it was the same way with the C5 Corvette, except vice-versa. The C5 had a rear bumper that was fully matched to the rest of the body’s paint. C5 owners found that they wanted a bit of contrast on the rear of their cars, so they would either paint or apply black vinyl to the lower section of the bumper.

Image Source: Zorly.com

This became very popular and was even carried over to the C6’s factory rear bumper design, but a lot of C6 Corvette owners transitioned back to a full color matched rear bumper by painting the factory rear valence, replacing it, or replacing the rear bumper as a whole. Like we said before, it’s all about the owner’s personal preference.

We look forward to seeing some more C7’s with color matched lower rear bumper covers. The Crystal Red Metallic C7 that RPI Designs used looks good, but we want to see how other colors look as well, because depending on the color, it could possibly make the rear end of the car look huge.


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