ROUSH Acquires Street Legal Performance



The original Firehawk’s build spanned two model years (’91-92) and produced only 25 copies.

In a case of “who woulda thought,” ROUSH Performance has stepped up and acquired the rights to Street Legal Performance, better known as SLP. For those of you who have been asleep for the last 20 years, ROUSH is the epitome of late-model Ford performance tuning, as SLP is (or was) to the late-model GM contingent. 

Like ROUSH, who have built full-on tuner versions of Mustangs over the last twenty years, SLP was solely responsible for the supercharged Regal GSX, Grand Prix GTX, G8 Firehawk, Firebird Firehawk, Camaro SS, and the LT1-powered Firebird/Trans Am WS6. But after the fabled F-body twins and blown GM W-bodies were discontinued, SLP eventually branched out to manufacture parts for late-model Fords and Chryslers as well.


This is a 2013 RS3 we were able to get our hands on last summer for our sister site,

Some diehard GM enthusiasts saw this as diluting the SLP image, while others were more open-minded and accepted SLP’s plan to broaden their horizons. Now, roughly ten years after SLP released a Mustang version of their Loudmouth exhaust system, Jack Roush has signed a check to SLP’s Ed Hamburger to acquire the company.

Hamburger has confirmed this to members of the media yesterda, much to the dismay of GM lovers everywhere. But Hamburger reassures us that all is well, stating that SLP will continue to produce it’s catalog of performance parts, and to expect “more exciting news in the coming months as the the two brands grow and  work together, while focusing on their individual roles.”

Interesting. Despite what some of you may think, we believe that this will be good for everyone. Only time will tell, however. 

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