Ron Fellows Offers ‘Vette Enthusiasts A Chance To Go Racing

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If you follow Corvette Online regularly, chances are that you’re probably enjoying reading it as much as we enjoy writing it. The truth is you’re an enthusiast, and chances are that as such you probably not only spend your day reading about Corvettes, but you eat, drink and breathe this stuff.

But don’t you ever just wish that you could jump into the world of your computer screen or smart device and actually take part in the motoring action that we  cover in our publications? Trust us, we definitely know that feeling, but luckily for all of us, pro Corvette racer Ron Fellows is giving enthusiasts a shot at winning one of two racing school driving packages through the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School and the “Fellows 5 Challenge.”

Located at the Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club in Pahrump, Nevada, Fellows wants you to be able to enjoy three days of live racing action just by answering five, multiple-choice questions correctly about Ron and his racing career. “I wanted to give fans a chance to come to Spring Mountain and experience our Corvette driving school.”

Some of the action at the Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Nevada

JR Motorsports, who also serves as Dale Earnhardt Jr’s management company, is responsible for the creative approach to Ron Fellows’ multiple-choice challenge. “JR Motorsports came up with the creative idea to make it an engaging game of predictions,” Fellows explains. “It gives fans a unique way to experience these two races, and rather than just give away one driving school package, now we’re giving away two – one for each race!”

The Ron Fellows Performance Driving School’s “Fellows 5 Challenge” is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and if it’s one that seriously catches your interest then you can enter by logging on to either or, upon which contestants will be asked multiple-choice questions based on several in-race scenarios.

If you’re a diehard ‘Vette fan who wants to know what it’s like to really open one up, then this is one bandwagon that you may seriously want to jump on!


Image credit: Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch

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