Rolled C7: Another One Bites the Dust

c21So far in 2014, GM has sold over 17,000 C7s to the public and even with these sales figures, it is still very rare to see one on the highway. While they are infrequently seen driving around, it has been even more rare to see one in a junkyard. Unfortunately, as more Vettes are sold, the more get wrecked as well, it’s just a statistical fact.

Up for auction on Insurance Auto Auctions website is a beautiful blue C7 hardtop equipped with the 1LT Z51 package and black wheels. Presently, the current bid is $15,125 which is sure to go up even though there is an estimated $30,000+ required in repair bills. We have seen numerous C7s in junkyards, but this one is a rare breed because it has been rolled and it appears to have damage on nearly every single surface of the vehicle. Normally a wrecked car will have damage on one or two sides, not on all of them including a crushed in roof!  

c25With only 5,057 miles on the odometer, the motor is barely broken in – although it wont start according to the listing. Of honorable mention, this C7 has had the stock radio system removed, both side mirrors are missing, every piece of glass appears to need replacement, and the airbags have been deployed. This is not an easy repair, even for the most handy weekend warriors.

As a tall passenger, there is not a ton of headroom in the C7 so it must be a very uncomfortable vehicle to experience a rollover in. Hopefully no one was hurt in the accident and they were able to get a nice-and-fresh replacement from their insurance company!

Have you ever been in a rollover? Comment below!

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