Ride Along with Corvette Racing’s Jordan Taylor at Le Mans Practice

By now, Corvette Racing rookie Jordan Taylor is well seasoned behind the wheel of the team’s C6.R and you can tell by the confidence in which he pilots his car in each and every competition. But the young collegiate didn’t get that way strictly by racing; he has also gained a lot of experience this year thanks to pre-race practices. Check out in-car footage of the latest Corvette Racing night practice Taylor took part in prior to the team’s participation in the 24 Hours of Le Mans above, compliments of our friends at MotorSportMedia.

Back in April, we showed you in-car footage of Taylor participating in night practice before the 12 Hours of Sebring. As Taylor’s debut with the legendary Corvette Racing team, we were impressed with his skill behind the wheel of the potent Corvette. But Taylor has grown leaps and bounds as a driver since than and has now added famous tracks like Le Mans to his repertoire.

Although Taylor had never driven the French Le Mans course before, you’d never know it by viewing the video above. Somewhat difficult to tell anything with the bumpy ride you’re taken for, you can see Taylor make smooth transitions, passes and straight-away accelerations over and over, not to mention experience the amazingly euphoric sound of the C6.R rapping out in every gear.

There are several Corvette Racing night practice videos we’ve seen, but we just can’t get enough of them. And even after viewing several, it still never fails to amaze us how the drivers seemingly know each and every kink in the course even in the dead of night.

Loud, jostling and a bit overwhelming, this video is oddly therapeutic and we definitely recommend keeping it on your favorites list for any spur of the moment decompression session you may need. Watch out peaceful ocean sounds, we’ve found an even better relaxation soundtrack.

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