Ride Along for a C5 Z06’s NASA Pro Racing Record-Setting Lap at VIR

Have you ever driven a record-setting lap on a raceway? It’s not a reality for most of us, but thanks to a Vimeo video posted on Pfadt Race Engineering’s Facebook page, we can all experience what it’s like. Better yet, we get to ride along in the record-setting C5 Corvette over and over.

The video showcases Mark Nunnally in his Pfadt Race Engineering-equipped C5 Z06 tearing it up on the Virginia International Raceway in Alton, Virginia. As part of the 2011 National Auto Sport Association (NASA) Virginia Mid Atlantic Oktoberfast event, Nunnally had the opportunity to race against the clock on the 3.27-mile course and run the record-setting lap seen in the video.

Starting in the rear, Nunnally hits the track in full force right out of the chute. With two different camera angles, one pointed toward Nunnally and one off the front of the Corvette, you can watch every move the car and Nunnally make. What makes this video even cooler is Nunnally’s written comments at the bottom, critiquing his driving the entire time.

At one point in the video, Nunnally’s Corvette is flying down the back stretch of the track at 154 MPH in fourth gear- that’s three quarters of a football field per second. Despite Nunnally’s self criticisms, he expertly completes the lap in 2 minutes and 3.9 seconds, setting a NASA Pro Racing record. With a note at the beginning of the video stating that Nunnally “didn’t nail this [lap] super clean,” we can only imagine how much faster a perfect run would have been.

With such an amazing lap time, you’d probably expect Nunnally to be very proud, but in his Facebook response to Pfadt’s post, he is very humble and thanks the company for the amazing support they give Corvette NASA racers. He even hints that Pfadt is one of the very few companies that go to such a length to support NASA participants.

NASA VIR – Oktoberfast 2011 – TTA from Drivinhard on Vimeo.

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