Ride Along As a Z06 Corvette Takes on Willow Springs

We love us some side-by-side racing and no one can quite pull it off like Shift-S3ctor, the organization behind February’s Airstrip Attack at the Trona Airport. To keep the side-by-side racing momentum going on the West Coast for the remainder of the season, Shift-S3ctor recently unleashed some killer cars on the course of Willow Springs Raceway for another competition, except this time, there were more than just straight-aways. Check out some on-car footage from one of the competitors above.

In keeping with the excitement level of the early-season desert airstrip race, Shift-S3ctor went back out to Willow Springs for the second year in a row to do some side-by-side and road course competition on the famous grounds on June 9th. Drivers and cars of all types showed up to show off their stuff, including Rob Djanazian and his modified 2006 Z06.

Djanazain’s car is not quite stock but not quite a 1,000+ horsepower monster either. With a Halltech Killer Bee cold air intake, ported throttle body, 3-inch x-pipe exhaust and a Cunningham Motorsports tune, the blue C6 cranks out a respectable 560 horses.

Djanazain races against a few different cars in the video above, including a modified 2004 Mustang Cobra and a stock Z06, both of which get overtaken by Djanazain’s C6. He also races a 997.1 Turbo Porsche 911, which seems to be more in line with his Corvette’s performance level.

Shift-S3ctor doesn’t have any upcoming events listed on their website, but with the popularity of their recent side-by-side competitions, we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw another one before the season is over. Until then, enjoy a bit of side-by-side racing strapped to a body panel on a potent Z06 Corvette.

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