Retooling for the C7 Model Set to Stop Plant Tours This September


You’ve kicked, hollered and screamed for more information about the future C7 Corvette model and now we have some great news! No, we don’t have official pictures of the future sports car or a spec list, but we did find out from the National Corvette Museum’s Facebook page that the factory retooling for the C7 will begin this fall. Unfortunately, that means that plant tours will be shut down for awhile. Apparently Chevrolet doesn’t want spy cams on their assembly floor while they’re preparing for the future generation.

Opened in 1994, the National Corvette Museum (NCM) is the Mecca for Corvette owners, enthusiasts and die-hard fans. There you will find a plethora of information about America’s favorite sports car, as well as a knowledgeable staff, information on the many services the NCM offers and of course a large and constantly-changing display of notable Corvettes.

As part of your visit to the museum, you can usually tour the Bowling Green Assembly Plant right across the street for just a few bucks and see all the different stages of production the Corvette goes through.

The Bowling Green, Kentucky assembly plant is the only plant that produces the Corvette. Opened in 1981, the plant has been the home of the two-seat sports car for 21 years now and has been attracting tourists from all over the country for almost just as long.

Although the plant is usually open year-round, it will be seeing some changes come this fall in preparation for the C7 Corvette. That means as of September 14th, 2012, assembly plant tours will cease until further notice as the plant goes through some retooling.

If you’re wanting to take a tour of the plant and see the last of the C6 models being produced, you’ll need to get down to Bowling Green before that date. After September 14th, you can still visit the NCM, but will be out of luck for plant tours.

We know this is disappointing, even though we’ve seen the plant retooling closures before when previous Corvette generations were getting ready for production. And trust us, we want C7 information as much as you do but it looks like now we’re really going to have to wait for more official GM news on the future model to be released instead of seeing for ourselves. If only we could figure out how to get a spy cam in the plant before September….

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