Face it; after years of neglect the headlights of your car get thrashed thanks to the freeways and the environment.  It may seem too good to be true, but headlights are capable of being brought back to clarity thanks to advances in plastic restoration kits, like the ones offered by Meguiar’s. Many companies claim to have a chemical that can roll back the miles, but for the most part they are just smoke and mirrors. Having tried these products in the past, we’ve been disappointed – the best result achieved was a minimal improvement in clarity. However, Meguiar’s offers three different products depending on the condition of the headlights, and a YouTube video explaining how to properly use these products.

In most cases the headlights are severely clouded, but this is where Meguiars’ Heavy Duty Restoration Kit comes into play. The video clearly shows each step of the process including details like the proper direction to sand with each disc. All that is required, beyond purchasing the kit is a simple power drill (almost everyone has one of these; if not your neighbor probably has one you can borrow).

Beginning the process starts with removing the debris from the headlights and then taping around the edges of the lights to protect the paint. After that is accomplished, the video walks the viewer through both sanding processes and then onto the final steps. It seems like a reasonable amount of effort for the impressive results shown in the video. Not to mention that it is surely cheaper than replacing the headlights.