Rented C6 Takes The Plunge – Better Hope They Bought The Insurance

The C6 massacre continues – this time in San Diego, California, where according to police, a group of 2-4 people sped through the streets of Pacific Beach in a rented 2009 ‘vert before driving out onto the sand, doing a few donuts, then plunging into the Pacific ocean before abandoning ship.

“They drove straight in, nice  and calm,” said eyewitness Fred Rooks. “I thought maybe someone had a stolen car and was going to try and ditch it. They just never backed out… they just drove in the water.” Two people have been detained, and police say that if they can determine who the U-Boat commander was, that person could receive a citation, as well as being on the hook for the time and money involved in dealing with the incident (on top of the damage to the Corvette, of course).

“Potentially if a suspect is identified, we would be able to get back the cost of the personnel hours and the equipment we had to use to make this happen,” said LTV. David Rohowits of the San Diego Police Dept. “There is an avenue to recover costs in a situation like this.” Those costs could be substantial – in addition to the police manpower and heavy-duty tow truck called to the scene for the recovery, police also employed an infrared-equipped helicopter to search the surf for other potential “survivors,” and jet fuel isn’t cheap.

The local CBS station’s news video is resisting our attempts to embed it, so click here to view the gory details.

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