Rehabilitated Quadriplegic Lives Dream Installing Corvette Hoods

Life is full of challenges, but Corvette enthusiast Patrick Rummerfield has lived a life with setbacks many of us couldn’t even imagine. That hasn’t stopped him from living his life to the fullest, however. After fully recovering from a debilitating car wreck, Rummerfield has gone on to do things that some of us only dream about. And as we found out from, Rummerfield recently lived out another dream his – installing hoods on brand new Corvettes at the assembly plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Check out his story from WFMY News 2 in the video above.

Back in the 1970s, Rummerfield was in a horrible car wreck that left him completely paralyzed. But one day after the nurses had put him back in his bed, a glimmer of hope was seen. While Rummerfield was dreaming of playing basketball and racing Corvettes, his left big toe moved.

After 17 years of intense physical therapy, Rummerfield is now the first and only fully-recovered quadriplegic, and his recovery has not been wasted. In addition to running marathons and racing cars, Rummerfield was recently able to install hoods on America’s favorite sports car at the Bowling Green Corvette assembly plant.

Rummerfield is definitely an inspiration to us all, not only because he made an amazing recovery but also because he maintained a positive outlook through the whole process. Trying hard and staying strong is key to getting anywhere in life according to Rummerfield and we’re glad that these key factors, as well as a passion for the Corvette, pushed him to continue to live out his dreams.

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