Red Line Oil Takes Over the PowerTV Garage

We here at powerTV are proud to announce that Red Line Oil has signed on as a sponsor of the PowerTV garage, providing oil for our many of our current and future project vehicles and engines. Red Line Oils offers a complete line of oil products; from motor oils for specific vehicles and applications, to gear oils, automatic transmission fluid, coolant and fuel additives, power steering fluid, and many other great products. And our shop dog: Sean “The Ferret” is out in the shop is amped and ready to supply our vehicles with our new stash of products to gain optimum performance and reliability.

Cameron Evans, Director of Sales and Marketing at Red Line, offered of a few of his quick suggestions for use of their products in our project cars, engines, and transmissions, which may in turn help your buying decision with your own ride.

    Project Mad Maxx:

    Our Dirt Street Stock 355ci Runs hard lap after lap on a dirt oval track – Cam recommended 40WT Race oil, specifically engineered to help hydraulic motors to keep the lifters up and see more of the cams profile. And for the TCI glide, Racing ATF. For the rear end, Shockproof Rear End Fluid.

    Project All Air:

    Our 454ci naturally aspirated LS7 race engine drag race needs to slurp on 30WT Race oil. On a drag racing motor, Cam told us we need to manage temperatures. For the glide, Lightweight racing ATF, which Cam says is “Super Consistent.”

    Project Grandma:

    With a 565ci naturally aspirated race engine – you’ll need a thicker oil here due to larger clearances – 40WT Race oil fits the bill, “this oil is so stable you just don’t need more..” explained Evans. We combined that with some Lightweight Race ATF and we are golden.

    We’ve also gotten a slew of additional oil for our 6.4L Diesel Ford, G8 GXP, Turbocharged 2010 Mustang, and even our LSA-supercharged ’71 Nova. So you’ll be seeing lots more Red Line oil here in the powerTV Garage!

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