In the new Starz television series Magic City a red ’57 Corvette may be garnering more than its fair share of attention. This new drama is based on the Miami Beach lifestyle in 1959 complete with beautiful people, the mob and some scene stealing cars. The chose the ’57 Corvette and actor Steven Strait for the lead image on their story covering the launch of Magic City. For those interested in classic cars, the mob and high stakes lifestyle of the rich and connected this series appears to be worth the wait. Last year a red C1 Corvette shared the spotlight with Johnny Depp in another period piece, the Rum Diary. It seems as though a red C1 is the iconic car for the rich and famous residents in Florida and Cuba during the 1950’s.

Mike Kukla, a Deerfield Beach resident, was willing to lease his red ’57 Corvette to Magic City; Kukla’s C1 serves as the mode of transportation for the show’s bad boy Stevie Evans, played Steven Strait. Mike Kukla purchased his ’57 back in 1996, and spent the time to restore to the car to its present film worthy condition. “It’s nice to see it being used the way it being used,” said Kukla. With one of the most iconic body styles of the Corvette having leading role in the show, it hard to imagine what other classic rides will make appearances throughout the series. Whether or not the show is a success, it has to be rewarding to see your vintage ‘Vette on television.