With the retro trend in full swing including fashion, cars and entertainment, the long awaited big screen adaption of Hunter S. Thompson’s The Rum Diary is certain to capitalize on the modern love of everything classic. This may seem a little odd to post a blurb on a film without a car as the star or without special-effects-laden driving stunts, but the use of a red C1 Corvette is enough to warrant a little love from the automotive media.

This tale is loosely based upon Thompson’s experiences as a journalist in San Juan, Puerto Rico and despite his young age at time it was conceived, this particular story deals with the fear of growing old and subsequent miscreant behavior that tends to follow that line of thought.

Many assume that buying a Corvette of any generation is symbolic of a mid-life crisis and trying to keep in touch with a fleeting youthfulness; whether or not the Corvette was intentionally selected for this symbolism may never be known, but it serves its purpose dutifully. Although this may not be a true car movie, the addition of a ratty Fiat 500 and some of Hollywood’s beautiful people should be enough to make this worth a trip to theater. Perhaps the contrast between the busted old Fiat and the vibrant red Corvette are just examples of symbolism in this film?

Regardless of the significance or lack of thereof in respect to the cars selected, it is hard to find fault with an iconic story portrayed by stars like Johnny Depp, Giovanni Ribisi, Aaron Eckhart and Amber Heard (the blonde temptress in the Corvette). However, the question remains on whether or not the poor C1 will end up a candidate for wrecked vette Wednesday after the incident on the pier; let’s hope the brakes were in good shape otherwise this will end up as a tragic element in this film.