Los Angeles is a place where you can find the very best and the very worst just a few blocks from each other. Los Angeles also happens to be the high-speed chase capital of the world, at least if all of those “World’s Scariest Police Chase” TV shows are to be believed. When you put someone with no regard for their life or the lives of others behind the wheel of a fast and powerful car like the Chevy Corvette, high-speed pursuits take on an even scarier tone.

This past Saturday, a reckless and possibly intoxicated driver in a late-model C6 Corvette was pursued by the LAPD in what became an hour-long, high-speed chase that ended with the suspect being shot and killed, reports ABC Local. The videos linked here should be considered unsuitable for all audiences for that very reason.

The chase began just after 9:30 in Cudahy when California Highway Patrol officers tried to pull over a silver Corvette for reckless driving. The actual infraction was not cited, but reckless driving turned into an hour-long pursuit as a helicopter flew overhead with a spotlight. The driver, identified as 51-year old Brian Newt Baird, tried to lose the police by driving through neighborhoods with his lights off, giving rise to the concern that he could seriously hurt someone.

The LAPD rejoined the pursuit and followed Baird into downtown Los Angeles, where the Corvette slammed into another car at an intersection when that car ran a red light. After ending up on the sidewalk, the Corvette was boxed in by police cruisers and after a short attempt to push his way out from between the police vehicles, Baird stumbled out of the car. At that point something we don’t quite see prompted LAPD officers to open fire. Baird went down, and was transported to a nearby hospital where he died of his wounds. The two people in the other car were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries

It’s a tragic end no matter how you put it, and a reminder that a great car like the Corvette comes with great responsibility. Paying for a reckless driving charge with your life is a mighty high toll to pay.

Warning: The clip below captures the final moments of the incident, and contains graphic content.