Reader’s Survey: Give Us Your Rants, Your Praises, Your Opinions

corvettestingray2014Here at Corvette Online, we’re bringing you coverage we think you ought to know about: the latest reviews of the C7 Stingray, “how to” articles on installing exhaust systems, testing on aftermarket parts, events, track days, dyno runs, and everything in between. But today, we’re here to share something that would mean a lot more to us than where the latest mule has been spotted or how our project vehicles are doing.

e-street21Today, we’d like to give you a chance to share your personal thoughts on how we’re doing. Though we keep a good eye on how you all react to our posts on Facebook, the perspective we get is hard to measure empirically, making it harder to determine where to make or not make changes. That’s why we’re doing this survey, so you can benefit yourself and us with feedback.

This isn’t going to become the start of a monthly, weekly, or daily trend; you aren’t going to get barraged with more and more questions, nor are you going to get subjected to spam. That ain’t how we roll here at Corvette Online. All we’re asking is that for this one time of the year, you let us know what you think about our performance.

This survey is essentially all about analytics and making sure we’re delivering the best when it comes to news and events. So, if you feel like we’re focusing too much on the nitty-gritty and would like to see more op-eds; if you think that we should or should not build a carbureted Coyote; or even if you believe we’re doing just fine, this questionnaire is for you to tell us what’s going on.

Thanks for taking the time to fill it out, and remember to follow us on Facebook. Also, be sure to give some love to two of our latest magazines: Offroad Xtreme and Diesel Army.


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David Chick comes to us ready for adventure. With passions that span clean and fast Corvettes all the way to down and dirty off-road vehicles (just ask him about his dream Jurassic Park Explorer), David's eclectic tastes lend well to his multiple automotive writing passions.
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