Reader Reaction: The One That Got Away

For those that own a C7 Vette, don’t let it become the one that got away for you!

Oh, the one that got away. For many of us, this phrase might refer to someone that grew apart over the years. For others, “the one that got away” refers to a beautiful piece of machinery we may have had and let slip through our fingers.

As a Corvette enthusiast, it doesn’t always mean that we have only owned Corvettes. In fact, we may not have ever owned a Corvette and are either in love with them and/or saving up for one in the future. Regardless, Corvette enthusiasts are car guys (and gals) and odds are, have owned some pretty cool cars over the years – some of which we may regret selling. For instance, the “one that got away” from me, was my first car – a black 1993 Ford F150 Lighting that I bought for $4,700 with 93,000 on the odometer. Sadly, it’s easily worth more than that nowadays and you sure don’t see them anymore. As a Corvette enthusiast, I wish my first car was a Corvette, but unfortunately, the cash-flow wasn’t there for that!  

In this weeks Reader Reaction, we polled our readers on Facebook to find out what car was the “one that got away” for them. What we found was a diverse selection of vehicles ranging from cars, trucks, SUVs, and everything in-between. While only a few of our readers reported being remorseful over letting a Corvette go, a lot of our readers expressed tremendous brand loyalty for GM with many of the lost vehicles being GM products – Chevy does in fact run deep, apparently. Since this is Corvette Online, we are going to focus on the GM produced vehicles and none of the other stuff!

For our first lost car, our reader reported regretting the sale of his 2007 Chevy Trailblazer SS, and rightfully so. Who wouldn’t regret selling their LS2 powered, 395 hp beast of an SUV? With the heart of a Corvette under hood, it is easy to see how one would regret getting rid of a vehicle that essentially died when they stopped making the Trailblazer. What makes this story even worse, is that the owner reported only having 30,000 on the odometer and a mere 24 payments remaining – it was almost fully paid for! To add to the sadness of letting the SS go, our reader only got rid of it because of a divorce, doh! Well, thankfully there are many low-mileage SS Trailblazers out there if he really wanted to buy another one. Although I doubt it would have the same sentimental value.

Looking back a couple of decades in automotive history, one reader reported that the one that got away was a 1968 Impala SS 427 convertible. The ’68 was a great year for the Impala and one that is very sought-after in modern times. As a matter of fact, they have sold at auction for considerably more than they originally sold for in recent history. As a side-note to this story, our reader reported that his Impala was 100-percent original and only had 53,000 original miles – two factors that increase its modern-day value even more if it was kept in good condition.

Representing Corvette enthusiasts everywhere, one reader reported that his beat up, 1994 black on black C4 Corvette with a mere 230,000 miles was the one that got away from him. He said specifically that even though it leaked oil, it was still more fun to drive than his C5. Maybe it was the carefree life that comes with owning a really old, beat up, car that made this one so fun to drive? 

Back to the 60s, we had another reader who’s prized possession was a 1967 Chevy Nova. Easily one of the coolest Chevys from back in the day, original condition Novas can fetch top dollar these days if they are original or nicely restored. Our reader said it best that they are “hard to find in good condition and reasonably priced,” that is a very accurate statement.

With power from a Corvette power-plant, the SSR had a design that was not for everyone. Some people loved it, while other people hated it.

Finally, we had one of our readers regret selling their 2006 Chevy SSR. You remember those don’t you? The half truck, half car-looking vehicle Chevy made that was powered by a potent LS2? It was basically a Corvette-powered truck and they were fast. They came out around the same time as the second-gen F150 Lighting and were more-or-less a direct competitor. As our reader suggested, they were most definitely an instant classic, one that he regrets selling.

Cars come and go throughout our lives, but sometimes we have one that we sell and really regret selling. This was only a small sample of what our readers regretted selling, so if you missed our Readers Poll on Facebook, comment below with what vehicle got away from you!

Until next weeks Reader Reaction, check out our Facebook page!

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