Reader Reaction: Dumbest Corvette Questions

Why isn’t it Red?

Corvette owners are a passionate group of enthusiasts that typically know everything there is to know about their car. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, there is your average Joe that doesn’t really know much about cars but will want to strike up a conversation and kick some tires. These people can ask some pretty off-the-wall questions that can be downright humorous to the seasoned enthusiast. This week, we turned to our readers and asked them to post the dumbest questions they have ever been asked about their Corvette. The questions may surprise you.

  1. Can I drive it? Do any Corvette owners actually say “yes” to this question to a complete stranger?
  2. Do you enjoy it? This question should make you shake your head in disgust. Who wouldn’t enjoy driving a Corvette? This is one of those small talk questions that never goes anywhere– like asking about the weather or if they saw “the big game.”
  3. Is that car fast? Well, chances are it’s faster than the crossover SUV they drive– but regardless, if someone asks you this, just say “Nope” and see what they say. 
  4. Is that a Corvette? This is a tough question to answer because “Joe car guy” may have trouble reading if they ask you this question, so tread lightly. 
  5. That’s a nice car, do you drive it? If the car is physically at a location other than the owners garage and not on a trailer, it’s probably safe to say that the owner drives the car. This question is pretty humorous and I’m sure fellow sarcasm-lovers could have a great time responding to this question.
  6. Why did you buy a Corvette instead of a (insert car name)? This question could go a ton of different directions. Likely, the most common car name that fills in the blank would be “Mustang,” which if they have to ask, they don’t deserve to know the answer.
  7. One reader with a Pewter colored Vette was asked: Why isn’t your Vette Red? That’s like asking why the sky isn’t green– there just isn’t a logical answer to their illogical question. 
  8. Wow, I had a car just like this, what kind of car is it exactly? This just makes you wonder what kind of car the person actually had that was “just like” a Corvette and yet they don’t even know what a Corvette is. As they say on the internet, this one is a “face palm.”
  9. Hey, I love your Vette, is it a Z06? Just like question #4, you need to be careful with your response because the person may not be able to read considering there is a “Z06” emblem on the fender.
  10. Is it yours? There is so much fun that could be had when answering this question. Sarcasm is always a fun response and as such, consider answering this question with a quick “nope.” Once it is established that the car you are standing next to is not yours, consider adding to your response who the car actually belongs to. I suggest saying the car is either owned by your mom, wife, or that it is stolen.

This is just a small sample of some of the great questions our readers provided. Thank you to our readers for going above and beyond with a plentiful list of questions to choose from. Until next time, drive on!

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