“Rare” Corvette Go Kart Stolen in UK, Police Turn to Public for Help

The Chevrolet Corvette has devoted fans from around the globe. Alas, most of these fans will never even see a real Corvette, nevermind own one. Yet with the abundance of Corvette memorabilia out there, a Corvette fan can keep themselves surrounded by reminders of their favorite car. Hell, some of this stuff is almost as valuable as a Corvette itself.

Alas, memorabilia is also a lot easier to steal than an actual Corvette. So comes the story out of the UK of a stolen classic Corvette go-kart. ThisIsKent.co reports that the incident has police looking for answers from the public.

Details are short, and the owner only describes the go-kart as “extremely rare” and that it had to be imported from the U.S. But what is rare in the UK may not be that rare in the US. That said, a cursory glance of eBay shows that some of the classic, old school go karts can bring big bucks. Some sellers are asking as much as $7,000 for an original Corvette promo go-kart.

The Corvette go-kart pictured here certainly isn’t a classic. It looks to us to be a C4 model, which means it can’t be any older than 1984-ish. While that doesn’t mean it ISN’T valuable…well…have you seen prices for C4 Corvettes lately? Not exactly the creme de la creme of the collector car world.

But this is the UK we’re talking about, a country whose most famous dish consists of fried fish and potatoes wrapped in day-old newspaper. So to the victim, that C4 Corvette go-kart was priceless. To the rest of us, it is closer to worthless.

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