Rare “Tanker” ‘61 Corvette Heading to Auction

The Chevy Corvette may not have started out as much of a performance car, but by the late 1950’s you’d have to be blind to not see the tremendous potential in Chevy’s little sports car. There were all kinds of secret, hidden option packages for the Corvette during these years, but due to often spotty documentation it is almost impossible to track down the “real deal” versus an authentic replica. And while that may not matter to you or me, to collectors, that could be a six-figure difference.

Hemmings Auto Blog came across this auction for a very rare 1961 Corvette, which came with not one, but two rare option packages. First there’s the heavy duty brake and suspension package, known as RPO 687, of which only 233 cars were built. And there was an even rarer package, RPO 1625, which replaced the standard 16 gallon fuel tank with a much bigger one for racing duties.

It is estimated that only 233 cars selected RPO 687 in 1961, which added finned cast steel brake drums, semi-metallic brake linings, and a quicker steering ratio. Of those, just 25 opted for RPO 1625, which replaced the 16 gallon fuel tank with a 24 gallon tank. The powerplant is a Traco 292 racing engine, but the sale, which is estimated to bring between $175,00 and $225,000 at auction, also comes with a correct date and coded 283 V8. This is a rare piece of Corvette history going up for auction. What would you pay to own it?

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