In September we covered what was the first phase in a C2 restoration effort in which the collaborative forces of eBay Motors and Randy Nonnenberg made possible one of the coolest vintage Vette rebuilds of the year. In particular, the ’63 split window coupe has many features and styling cues that Nonnenberg and company are looking to maintain. “The 1963 coupes are famous for some details that were only included that year,” explains Randy.

Nonnenberg and eBay weren’t terribly pleased by the Vette’s starting condition, though there was a certain originality to the coupe that they had to make sure wasn’t lost in the midst of the restoration process. Randy talks about the importance of the parts and accessories search to the C2 build. “When we bought it, the car was filled with low-quality aftermarket components and many parts from the later year Corvettes,” says Nonnenberg about the C2 upon discovery.

Randy Nonnenberg's C2 chassis has been fully restored using new and used parts from eBay.

But Randy was determined to find what he was after on eBay, and his search would eventually yield successful results leading to the car’s current re-marriage of body and chassis. “We set out to find them on eBay and it worked!,” exclaims Randy. “Trim, chrome, gauges, valve covers, exhaust manifolds, lights and more were all set right during our build.”

As it stands, the split window C2’s body has been fresh painted Daytona blue while some $20k in all has been invested in the coupe’s overall paint and fiberglass bodywork.

The rolling chassis has been rebuilt exclusively with new and restored parts from eBay, and so far Nonnenberg has been happy with the way the fusion of the finished body and restored chassis has come out. “The $20k investment and all the hours put into the fiberglass body work and paint has been well worth it, as it looks as good as any C2 Corvette body we have ever seen,” says Nonnenberg.

Randy and eBay Motors’ C2 project has come a long way since we last checked-in – with the Vette’s red overspray gone and the body and chassis once again joined it will be exciting to see the finished product, and it will be equally-exciting to see how other enthusiasts react!