racechair Nothing good in life comes for free, and owning a Chevy Corvette can get quite expensive quite fast, and that is before you modify it. Once you start adding items like a high-flow exhaust, a bigger camshaft, or even a supercharger, the bills can really start to add up. So unless your life is paid for by a trust fund or lottery winnings, you’ve probably got a day job, quite possibly with an office, desk, and all that boring crap.

If you find yourself needing a reminder of why you work as hard as you do, maybe you should sit yourself into a Corvette C5-inspired office chair from RaceChairs.com. Sure, it’ll cost you $4,500, but that isn’t even 1/10th the price of a new Corvette, and you’ll probably spend more time sitting in your office than your Corvette.

This particular Corvette chair was removed from a low-mileage, 2004 Corvette, and the metal frame comes painted in the color of your choice. That lets you match it up with your own Corvette, office trim, or whatever. RaceChairs also made the seat wider and added extra padding, because if there is anything us Americans need more of, it is padding.

Of course we can’t help but point out that RaceChairs arguably took one of the weakest points of the C5 Corvette, it’s interior, and made it into a $4,500 office item. But if you couple it with one of their race-inspired desks, a Corvette disc brake clock and rotor coasters, and you’ve got a pretty pimpin’ Corvette-themed workspace. For the business exec with a love for all things Corvette, what more could you ask for?