Quiet Stops with Hawk Performance

Hawk’s Quiet Slot Rotors were providing plenty of stopping on the trade show floor at the 2010 SEMA show as a crowd of on-lookers gathered around the company’s displays.

We talked with Carl Harbert, the Director of Marketing for Hawk Performance, about the new Quiet Slot Rotors.

Harbert told us “our Quiet Slot Rotors are the ideal product for consumers seeking a good looking slotted performance rotor that delivers improved stopping power without all the noise and dust issues commonly experienced with other slotted, dimpled or crossed drilled rotors.”  According to Harbert;”these slotted rotors are a direct OE replacement but offer the look and performance of premier unidirectional rotor.”

Harbert went on to say; “Quiet Slot Rotors are ‘user friendly’ for the do-it-yourselfer.  By user friendly, what we mean is that the rotors are a direct OE replacement and can be mounted on either side of the car or truck since they are unidirectional.   Great looking, east to install and very affordable when compared to other performance one piece and two piece rotors.”

Harbert made a point of telling us; “These rotors are engineered specifically for the automotive enthusiasts looking for high performance braking without the noise, dust, rotor warping and heat cracking issues often experienced when using heavily slotted, dimpled or cross-drilled aftermarket rotors.”

Harbert went on to explain; “There is also a green aspect to our rotors.  We use a special coating process that is water based leaving a completely inorganic coating on the rotor after curing.”

We asked for the details on the coating and Harbert brought out the spec sheet that gave us the lowdown on the GEOMET coating:

“All Quiet Slot rotors are finished with a GEOMET® coating that protects both the internal and external surfaces from rust and corrosion. GEOMET® is a proprietary water-based coating dispersion containing metal oxides, metallic zinc and aluminum flakes. The zinc and aluminum platelets align in multiple layers forming a metallic silver-gray coating. Applied as a liquid, the coating becomes totally inorganic after curing at 575-600° F (300-315°C).”

Like everyone else at the Hawk Performance rotor display, we quietly stopped and admired the rotors.  Less dust, less noise and performance stopping power in an affordable rotor that can be used on either side of the vehicle seemed like a plus to us.  Not to mention, it’s environmentally friendly.

For more information on Hawk Performance’s Quiet Slot Rotors, go to their website at www.hawkperformance.com.

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